Sarah Duvous - Boutique Artisan Soaps

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Identity, Packaging, Digital Publishing

A French botanist grandmother was the inspiration for combining elements of plants to form fresh and invigorating soaps. Combinations was the key concept . The client required a high end look with organic and feminine styled elements. The concept of combining and mixing led to the idea of alchemy, which became the basis of developing all the brand elements. The logotype is Art Deco — French in it’s DNA — but based on old alchemy symbols. Purple has mystical, rare associations and in this lighter tint is very feminine. The support graphic was achieved through a process of food colouring in milk to get colour combinations mixing.

Support Graphic Photography/Video

Ian D. Leishman

Soap Photography

Bec Dickson

Sarah Duvous Process Video from Chris Kebblewhite on Vimeo.